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SapphireMind is aka @JoCoCupcakes on twitter and Susan IRL.

She is a married mother of two who occasionally has too much time on her hands. In the real world she is a neonatal nurse practitioner, which she finds very rewarding.

Susan has been a fan of JoCo for many years, though new to the official site. She's been around the internet for entirely too long - even before there was an internet, she was a BBSer (WWIV represent!) Geek cred includes: 'boxer at WWdN's Paracosm, making ~250 cupcakes for the Houston JoCo concert, being responsible for the introduction of entirely too many people to the joy of her weird types of music, and many niche hobby things. She is also a huge TMBG fan since the 80s.

She is going on her first JCCC this February after her entirely too close of a brush with death after an idiopathic reaction to an herbal caffeine pill. This trip for her has been nicknamed her "Make a Wish" trip, or her "Still Alive 2013" tour. Her husband and children and very jealous that they aren't going.