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23.4.2008 Looks like I've found my distraction for this time of year.

13.12.2012 I haven't updated this about page in four years. What kind of slacker am I, anyway?

Anyway, hi! I'm Sushi, and I've been a JoCo fan since January 2006. Has it been that long? Wow.

How I got into JoCo: Someone linked to Mandelbrot Set on a math community that I'm on, and I said yay math! But it never occurred to me that he had more awesome songs. Fast forward a few months, where a friend gave me a bunch of music, including Code Monkey and Re: Your Brains, both of which I found to be quite catchy. Except both of those songs were labeled unknown. A few months after THAT I was going through my music collection, cleaning out those unknowns, thought, "Hey, maybe I should figure out who did those songs." And landed on JoCo's site. And realized that he did Mandelbrot Set as well as a bunch of other awesome music. And I've been around since and seen him live six times, including the very first show in my city in a teeny tiny venue.

When I'm not squeeing over everything JoCo I'm writing, tutoring, tinkering with techy things, and discovering that there's way too little time for everything I need/want to do.

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