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Perhaps six months or more ago I undertook one of Hercules' labors: to flag every spam page on this wiki for deletion. I got almost all of them, I'm pleased to say, but when I returned recently much of the spam was back. Oh well, I still have extra time to kill at work. Allons-y!

I live in Seattle, and play washboard in a street folk band called The Mongrel Jews. Our songs are more likely to be about drinking and carousing as coding and monkeys, but you should check us out anyway.

I also play mandolin, but I'm a beginner and don't know enough chords to play any JoCo songs. This vexes me.

I'm a writer, and samples of my work can be found at

I moderate the forum of director Rian Johnson, at

Current knitting project: a 1/4 scale Doctor Who scarf.