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Joke 4: A duck goes into a pharmacy. He says to the pharmacist, "I need some ointment for my beak. It is very chapped." The pharmacist says, "We have nothing for ducks here."

– John Hodgman, The Areas of My Expertise

Essential fan stats[edit]

First JoCo song heard – Code Monkey
First heard it linked from somewhere while Jonathan was still in the midst of Thing a Week.
Song that got you hooked – Tom Cruise Crazy
Heard during a podcast. (It was a podcast episode about Top Gun, but I don't remember the podcast itself.)
Favorite song – The Future Soon
Why is "The Future Soon" my favourite song? That's like asking, "Why is the sky blue?" The answer is, of course, Rayleigh Scattering.
Song that best represents you – Octopus
Song that best represents who you’d like to be – Re: Vos Cerveaux
Foreign and dangerous. Hello, ladies.
Most underrated JoCo song – Bacteria


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