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  • Introduction
    • Name
    • Birth date
    • JoCo Nickname
    • Musical/business innovation best known for
    • Songs best known for
  • Biography
    • Yale and earlier
      • Played in high school marching band
      • B.A. from Yale in music
      • a capella groups
      • Meet John Hodgman
    • Post-Yale to quitting Cluen
      • Performing at Cooper's Coffee
      • Working at Cluen
      • Smoking Monkey
      • Little Gray Books
      • Pop!Tech
      • PopSci Troubadour
      • Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
      • Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms
    • Thing a Week
      • Quitting Cluen
      • Thing a Week
      • PopSci Podcast
    • Post-Thing-a-Week
      • Start of the Aftermath
      • The Areas of My Expertise
    • Still Alive
  • Current projects
    • The Aftermath
  • Trivia
    • Jonathan William Coulton, the Colchester Kid is a hobo (73)

Explicitly removed[edit]

From Introduction

  • Genre of music
  • Instrumentation of music

From Biography

  • Father is a lawyer
  • Work for record label
  • Work for William Morris