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Re: Request[edit]

Hey, Steven, this is Bry. Welcome to JoCopedia! As you suspect, I don't have the ability to give you sysop rights, but I appreciate the offer. Yeah, the spammers have hit this little wiki pretty hard; another guy who has his own wiki (User:Ajs) commented on Talk:Main Page#Spam on this Wiki that it may have something to do with the CAPTCHA system, which again I don't control.

I do have a little script I've been manually running every couple days to delete spam and block spammers, except while on vacation (as I was the last couple weeks); I don't know if you have anything like that or if you plan to do the deleting / blocking by hand. (IP blocking doesn't seem to be enough -- I've blocked several hundred spammer usernames already, and it looks like they're just finding more IP ranges to use.) If you have any code or something you could share, please do let me know!

(By the way, my script doesn't know what to do with blanked-out pages, so I had to deal separately with the pages that you'd blanked out.)

I really do appreciate the help. I think all the other mods have kinda dropped off, so it's kinda just me around here. :) Hope you hear from Lex / JoCo soon.

Thanks! --Bry 13:22, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

PS: I should've mentioned, my e-mail address is slightly obfuscated on my user page, but the best place to reach me is the JoCo Forums, or on my talk page I suppose. --Bry 13:26, 6 June 2011 (EDT)