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Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies (IEMS) is a well-established 10 years of age association to furnish understudies with A-list ability training to empower admittance to optimistic positions and teach innovative mentality and business. IEMS intends to make a shared benefit for the young and industry by filling holes in ability preparing and advancing business abilities among adolescents.

IEMS shows the training reasoning of masterminds, for example, Vinoba bhave and Mahatma Gandhi. IEMS intends to join the utilization of the heart, head, and hands for adjusted living and commitment in deep-rooted learning. The emphasis will be on showing both confidence for deep-rooted freedom and astuteness towards sustaining and esteeming relationships.

Contact Information Address: Vaishali Sec - 1, 201010 GZB Delhi/NCR Email I’d: [email protected] Contact No: 8851166837 | 8076985006 Website: