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Hey, Spiff, thanks for all your help with the wiki so far! (And thanks even more for your awesome videos!) As you've seen, it's all still work-in-progress, and there's a lot of stuff that really needs to be there, like better editing guidelines, etc. I'd really appreciate it if you'd drop me a line if there's anything you run into problems with -- if you need help, it's gotta be a pretty serious problem, and we had better get on it.
I'm also here to solicit your opinion on the "Fan Projects" page. There's a bit of a question over whether it should include every fan video ever made, or if not, what kind of test to use to determine what gets to stay and what has to go. I'd be really grateful for your thoughts. To see what's been said so far, and to add your thoughts, see the discussion for that page. --Bry 00:54, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

Spiff, I know you asked Bry about the "Themes" section, but I figured since I saw it, I'd go ahead and offer my 2 cents: Themes are an attempt at grouping songs by some sort of topic. Obviously, My Monkey and Code Monkey both have a theme of Monkeys, for example. It's going to get sloppy before it gets organized, because we have no current suggested list of themes to group them under, but eventually it may be a nice way to say "Hrm, I really like Shop Vac. I wonder what other songs Jonathan have also done that may be about Suburbia."

Hope this helps. Oh, and you should go ahead and put something about yourself on the User Page tab of this page: You're important, dude! :D --MitchO 15:42, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

This is what I was writing while Mitch wrote the above: It's not particularly clear what "Themes" are useful for yet, but in general it's meant to be something like what This Might Be a Wiki has for its songs -- see Ana Ng for an example. I'm not entirely sure how to write up instructions, but I've been trying to put in examples, such as "Parenthood" or "Loneliness" or "Dogs", on relevant song pages. Suggestions welcomed... --Bry 15:45, 24 April 2008 (EDT)


Me again. :) Check out the code we used to link to your First of May video (on the First of May/Videos page):

Fan Made Videos[edit]

Once a video is under there, if there isn't already a Category link for the Videos group, you could go ahead and do that also.

One more try, since I'm obviously the suck on describing this. On the top of each song's page, there is an "infobox" with tabs for each kind of info about a song. So Videoes aren't under First of May, they're under First of May/Videos, which is where that infobox brings you. Sorry to make you go through hoops, I'm not trying to over-mod you. --MitchO 15:58, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

--MitchO 15:56, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

I think that was Mitch, right? See the Help:Contents section on Videos for my stumblingly phrased input. [For Mitch's reference, you can insert your signature with "--~~~~". ;) ]--Bry 16:00, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

Hey Spiff. Noticed your query on Bry's user talk page. The videos you've been adding should go onto each song's Videos page (such as the First of May one Mitch just linked). Looks like Mitch and I have been following you and moving them, heh. Some songs have a lot of videos, for example Code Monkey, so we thought it best to split things like on the infopage. Don't worry about it, though just remember for next time :) --Lex (talk - contribs) 16:40, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

  • Hey, Spiff, hope you've enjoyed this episode of Mods Tripping Over Each Other Theatre... Now for the next show, in which Bry responds to Lex's talk page. What you'll want to do, to get the right images in the right place, is upload them (using the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" on the left sidebar). I don't think it lets you link from the web -- you've gotta save it to your own machine (for VTAWs, from Len's VTAW Flickr set) and upload it there. The upload box will ask you for the filename -- remember the name you give it, then edit the song page.
  • If you're on a song page with the "under construction" image, hit "edit" and you'll see that in the song page template, there's the line "img=IMAGE.jpg". Replace "IMAGE.jpg" with the filename, and you should be golden.
  • All this will go in the Help:Contents in a moment -- just wanted to make sure no one else gave you different info while I was writing it... ;) (Sorry, Mitch!) --Bry 17:58, 24 April 2008 (EDT)