W's Duty

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W's Duty
ReleaseThing a Week One
Release date9-30-2005
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"W's Duty" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's fourth album Thing a Week One. It is the first Thing a Week to feature sampled vocals, mostly from George W. Bush.


"W's Duty" was released as the third Thing a Week on September 30th, 2005.

Live performance[edit]

Forum member Gina reports that "W's Duty" was played in Sellerville, PA in October of 2007. She blogged about the show here. Coulton mentions playing it in the Thing a Week Redux entry for the song.



"W's Duty" is available for purchase in the Jonathan Coulton MP3 Store as an individual track or as part of Thing a Week I. Of course, this song is also included as part of the "Everything" playlist.

Downloadable FLAC versions of the above are available in the Jonathan Coulton FLAC Store


"Thing a Week I" is available for purchase as a CD here.



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