Welcome to the Machine

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Welcome to the Machine
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"Welcome to the Machine" is a cover of the Pink Floyd song on their album "Wish You Were Here".

Live Performance[edit]

Jonathan Coulton performed "Welcome to the Machine" with Paul and Storm during the (unplanned) second encore at the June 21st, 2008 New York City show. After Paul threatened the audience with the entire first side of "Wish You Were Here", the three began imitating the echoing harmonies and machine noises. They performed almost the entire first half of the song. Paul later said after the show that they performed it once before during the September 18th, 2007 Austin show.

The trio also performed the song during the soft rock medley portion of Soft Rocked by Me at the Boston, MA: 2008-11-21 show.


"Welcome to the Machine" has not as of yet been officially recorded