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Hello! We hope you find JoCopedia useful for all your JoCo-related needs. Please note that although our wiki is hosted on Jonathan Coulton's website, Coulton himself is not very active on this wiki. For direct queries to JoCo, Scarface, and JoCo's management and press team, we direct you to Jonathan's own Contact page. If you would like to get in touch with someone from the wiki itself, regarding content, editing assistance, etc., then feel free to get in touch with an administrator via their talk page or an email (email addresses are generally listed on user pages).


The JoCopedia administrators are:


You can also reach out to a JoCopedia moderator for general questions. Your moderators are:

How to get in touch[edit]

As mentioned above, it is easy to get in touch with an admin or mod through their talk page — even unregistered users are able to edit and create discussion pages. You can also leave a note on the Main Page discussion, or the moderator noticeboard. If you are more comfortable with private communication, feel free to email an admin or mod. JoCopedia also has its own channel on IRC. Feel free to stop by JoCopedia on rizon.

Happy wikiing!