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The format of a show page is as follows:


The title of your page should include the following information, in order:

  • City and state (or country, if outside the US)
  • Date of show, in YYYY-MM-DD format

For instance, the page for the show on April 3, 2008, in Northampton, Massachusetts, is titled, Northampton, MA: 2008-04-03.


Be sure to include


or if the show is in the future,

[[Category:Upcoming Shows]]

The first heading of your page should be the city and state again, as follows:

==Northampton, MA ==

(This is done to make it play nicely with the Shows calendar.)

Next, include the name of the venue, and a link to the venue's website would be nice, too. If the show is upcoming and tickets are available online, a link to the box office is always a plus.

If JoCo performed with any supporting acts, name them, and provide a link to their JoCopedia page if one exists. Or if one doesn't, and someone may make it.


Setlists are good things to have, although at times they are unavailable. Links to recordings of the show should be included with the setlist.

For example, here are a few lines of the setlist from the Los Angeles, CA: 2006-10-09 show.

  • Setlist:
  1. The Future Soon - video
  2. Skullcrusher Mountain - video
  3. First of May - video
  4. Shop Vac - video

The code to produce this is as follows:

* Setlist:
# [[The Future Soon]] - [ video]
# [[Skullcrusher Mountain]] - [ video]
# [[First of May]] - [ video]
# [[Shop Vac]] - [ video]

Shows calendar[edit]

To make sure the show is linked to from the Shows calendar, do the following:

  • As above, make sure the first heading of the show page is its city and state.
  • Find the date of the show on the shows calendar and click "Add show."
  • Edit the resulting page and make it a redirect to your show page, as follows:
#REDIRECT [[Title of your show page]]