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Starting a song page

Please start your song pages as follows:

|albumname=Smoking Monkey
<page content goes here>

Obviously replacing the fields within the SongDetails part with the actual relevant data. If you don't know what each field is, feel free to look up Template:SongDetails to find out, or just leave the field out entirely. All of the fields are optional.
At the moment, {{albumnav}} can be one of the following:

  • {{Aftermathnav}}
  • {{OBOOCAnav}}
  • {{SMnav}}
  • {{TAW1nav}}
  • {{TAW2nav}}
  • {{TAW3nav}}
  • {{TAW4nav}}
  • {{WTMTnav}}
  • {{Otherexperimentsnav}}
  • {{FuNav}}

Dependent on which album the song is from. If it's not on an existing album, feel free to leave out the {{albumnav}} until a navigation template is created.

Song page headings

The current song page headings seem to be:

  • Trivia
  • Availability
  • Themes

But feel free to add your own if you feel the need. They'll then be reviewed for standardisation in song pages.


General information on the song, including Thing a Week and/or release details


Current availability of the song on CD/download


Themes that the song covers, eg Loneliness, Paranoia, Monkeys