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Pull the appropriate public domain help pages from MediaWiki, adapting them to JoCopedia where appropriate.


While some JoCopedia editors have experience with other wikis created with the MediaWiki software, there are a lot of formatting instructions and tricks that are hardly universally familiar.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and write our own documentation, we can take the public-domain version MediaWiki has made available of its help pages. (Since JoCopedia's Creative Commons license is not ShareAlike, we cannot use the documentation of other wikis, including that of Wikipedia and This Might Be a Wiki.)

However, there are rules and procedures specific to this wiki that also need to be mentioned, such as how to create and format certain kinds of pages. Songs and Shows writeups have been written, but they are still incomplete.


Copy pages from the public domain help pages and put them into JoCopedia, checking to see if anything needs to be updated or adapted to suit JoCopedia.

Actually, MediaWiki's got instructions on how to import these help pages automatically. They still need to be cleaned up, though, and modified to incorporate JoCopedia-specific content where necessary.

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