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An attempt at archiving all interviews that JoCo has given, to the extent that that information can be found.

(Perhaps this should be expanded to include all press about him, such as the New York Times article on collegiate a capella, in which JoCo was featured in the lede but was not the subject of the story.)


JoCo has given many, many interviews. It would be nice to have all that information accessible quickly.


  • Continue to update the Interviews category.
  • Create a page for each interview that JoCo has given. Include a brief summary of JoCo-related content, if applicable / possible.
  • Create an interview template.
  • Begin transcribing audio interviews (suggested by sushimustwrite).


Add yourself to this list if you'd like to contribute!

  • Bry (who must stick his oar in)
  • Sushimustwrite (who's jumped on the boat)
  • BenS (grunt work only I don't know how to do anything complex)