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Add information about past, recent, and future Jonathan Coulton concerts and live performances to JoCopedia.


The shows that have taken place ab wiki condita (the shows from London onwards) have been well documented, but shows before then often have only very sparse information, and as more shows are announced, they need to be added to the wiki as well.


(in no particular order)

  1. Make sure future shows' pages are created in advance and added to the Shows calendar.
  2. Find more information about past shows and add them to the wiki, including date, venue, other acts, accurate setlists, trivia, etc.
  3. When live videos have been taken, add them to the show pages.
  4. Develop a standardized show template.

Long-term tasks:

  1. Simplify the procedure of adding shows to the calendar.
  2. Timeline of when particular songs have been played at shows?


(to be added)

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