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Try to come up with not only 365 days of song suggestions, but hopefully small Did You Know tidbits about each one, and a decision on how to sort them.


As I work on my pet project of a more elegant Main Page, the suggestion of a Song of the Day came up. It's simple, it's informative, it would help people check out more information and jump in. It's a fairly standard Wiki like idea that really helps flesh out our world.


What we need is how to do it. I've created two sample templates: May 3rd and May 5th to use in my testing. I don't think we need to get any fancier than that. What we do need is

  • 365 days of songs and tidbits (obviously)
  • Some sort of group executive decision on how to fill those days.

Should we make sure we have each song once in a row, then snake back around? Should we allow the current community to fill in days they want with songs they want for now, to fill in? Come on up with a random ordered list, and just go to town? I think we need a master page, similar to This Day in JoCo to get each day ... maybe we can then bot the info onto the templates. I'd like to get approval for my Main Page soon, so when it does ... we should have as many SOTDs ready as we can. Chime in!