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A request for comment has been made for this page. Please add your thoughts!

As part of the VFD process we probably need somewhere to refer pages which survive nominations but only just. Also (and I don't know how keen people are about this but...) the To Do list from the Main Page discussion could also be housed here rather than on the Main Page's discussion page. This could then also house the proofreading idea. Again, can't see it being used HEAPS as this wiki is smaller, but as it begins to grow and incorporate more pages and users it would be a useful part of the process.

Thoughts? ~ Percephene ~ talk contribs 05:46, 05 May 2008

I've been hoping someone would come up with somewhere to move the To Do lists, so I'm all for that, and I suppose the proofreading too. I don't have much else to say for the time being, until this starts actually being used. --Bry 23:43, 7 May 2008 (EDT)
Cool, well I intend to get started on this over the weekend and get it working. :D With the To Do lists though, I hate confessing this but I kinda don't get what half of them even mean on the short jobs list! O_o (and I'm unlikely to attack the longer jobs list.) ~ Percephene ~ talk contribs 07:18, 09 May 2008
I'm glad to hear you say that, rather than keep quiet about it! I'd be glad to clarify whatever, since I was the one to write most of those quick-tasks in the first place. --Bry 03:30, 9 May 2008 (EDT)
K, I think its about ready. Do you want to move the To Do list over here now? We'll have to change all links to it too. I had a read over it and some of the ones I didn't get have gone, its more that I look at it and have no knowledge of the topic or no idea how to do most of it. Hence I busy myself with other more generic wiki-housekeeping things ;) Maybe I'm just not going about the fan-ship obsessively enough! /beats herself up! ~ Percephene ~ talk contribs 03:39, 10 May 2008