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Kristen Shirts, aka The Doifter, lives in New York City and plays ukulele, sometimes recording mp3s of covers and original songs. In 2006, her entry won the Code Monkey remix contest. She has subsequently performed live with Jonathan Coulton in several concerts in New York City and in the DVD concert in San Francisco.

Kristen Shirts' Ukulele Army[edit]

The June 21st, 2008 New York City show premiered the "Kristen Shirts Ukulele Army", consisting of six ukulele players. They performed with Jonathan, Paul and Storm, and Kristen for My Monkey and Creepy Doll during the main set and returned for the encore for First of May and Sweet Caroline (the latter including the Uke Army performing with kazoos as well).

The members of Kristen Shirts' Ukulele Army are (notes by Kristen as per her forum post):

  • Patrick (Twitter), who is indeed the only member of my army who technically belongs to me.
  • Ian Schwartz (MySpace, YouTube), who is disturbingly tall.
  • Brad, who came from Boston with Ian; and who I have no links for, but he is a cool fella.
  • Allison (Twitter, Blog), my ukulele student and former co-worker.
  • "Hot Time Harv" (MySpace), an NYC-area-based uke performer.
  • "J Boy Shyne" (MySpace), another NYC-area uke player who performs with Harv; and who provided the excellent banjo uke on Sweet Caroline, as well as the kazoos that he apparently just had in his car for just such an occasion.