San Francisco, CA: 2008-02-22

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San Francisco, CA[edit]

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Date: February 22, 2008
  • Venue: Great American Music Hall
  • Supporting Act: Paul and Storm
  • Guest Stars: Kristen Shirts


from AiYume in the forums, who took the physical setlist (which doesn't have guest-star info)

  1. The Future Soon
  2. Ikea
  3. Shop Vac
  4. I'm Your Moon
  5. Baby Got Back (with Paul and Storm)
  6. Kenesaw Mountain Landis (with Paul and Storm)
  7. Chiron Beta Prime (with Andy Bates and Paul and Storm)
  8. Tom Cruise Crazy (with Kristen Shirts and Paul and Storm)
  9. Code Monkey (with Kristen Shirts and Paul and Storm) - video
  10. Creepy Doll (with Kristen Shirts and Paul and Storm)
  11. Still Alive
  12. Mr. Fancy Pants
  13. I Crush Everything
  14. Skullcrusher Mountain
  15. Mandelbrot Set
  16. You Ruined Everything
  17. Re: Your Brains - video
  1. A Talk with George
  2. Still Alive (Rock Band with Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, and Veronica Belmont) video
  3. I Feel Fantastic (with Paul and Storm)
  4. First of May (with Paul and Storm)


  • Coulton played bass on "Tom Cruise Crazy."
  • It was his night, so one more blog post by Andy Bates.