Alexandria, VA: 2009-02-20

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Alexandria, VA

  • Location: Alexandria, VA
  • Date: February 20, 2009
  • Venue: The Birchmere


Setlist provided by Gina in this forum thread.

  1. Not About You
  2. Better
  3. Shop Vac
  4. Someone Is Crazy - video
  5. The Presidents
  6. Millionaire Girlfriend
  7. I Crush Everything
  8. Code Monkey
  9. Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  10. Soft Rocked By Me (You've Got a Friend, Mandy, We Are The World, some Bruce Springsteen song I don't recognize, Longer, the "nah nahs' from Hey Jude with some What's Going On mixed in (there will be video of this) - video
  11. Space Doggity - video
  12. Creepy Doll
  13. I Feel Fantastic
  14. Mr. Fancy Pants (with the Rickroll, of course) - video, partial video
  15. Skullcrusher Mountain (faked us out - started it, then went into Cracklin' Rose for a couple of lines. AWESOME!) - video
  16. Mandelbrot Set
  17. Still Alive
  18. Re: Your Brains - video
  1. First of May
  2. Sweet Caroline