Alexandria, VA: 2012-06-08

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Alexandria, VA

Summer 2012 Artificial Heart tour, with Adam Bernstein on bass guitar and Christian Cassan on drums.


  1. Artificial Heart (On setlist, but played as computer-generated overture?)
  2. Code Monkey, video
  3. Sticking It To Myself
  4. Big Bad World One
  5. Redshirt
  6. Still Alive
  7. A Talk with George, video
  8. You Ruined Everything
  9. Tom Cruise Crazy
  10. First of May
  11. Make You Cry, video
  12. Good Morning Tucson
  13. Skullcrusher Mountain (vocals by Scarface)
  14. Want You Gone, video
  15. Shop Vac
  16. Mandelbrot Set
  17. Je Suis Rick Springfield
  18. Re: Your Brains, video
  1. I Crush Everything, video
  2. Mr. Fancy Pants
  3. Nemeses, with John Roderick, video, video2
  4. Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company cover), with John Roderick, video


There was a short tease of the Indigo Girls 'Closer to Fine', inspired by a G chord.