Alexandria, VA: 2012-06-08

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Alexandria, VA[edit]

Summer 2012 Artificial Heart tour, with Adam Bernstein on bass guitar and Christian Cassan on drums.


  1. Artificial Heart (played as computer-generated overture), video
  2. Code Monkey, video, video 2,
  3. Sticking It To Myself, video
  4. Big Bad World One, video
  5. Redshirt, video
  6. Still Alive, video
  7. A Talk with George, video, video 2,
  8. You Ruined Everything, video
  9. Tom Cruise Crazy, video
  10. First of May, video
  11. Make You Cry, video, video 2
  12. Good Morning Tucson, video
  13. Skullcrusher Mountain (vocals by Scarface), video
  14. Want You Gone, video, video 2
  15. Banter (half-monkey half-pony monster), video
  16. Shop Vac, video
  17. Mandelbrot Set, video
  18. Je Suis Rick Springfield, video
  19. Re: Your Brains, video, video 2
  1. Closer to Fine (tease), video
  2. I Crush Everything, video, video 2
  3. Mr. Fancy Pants, video
  4. Banter (tauntaun stuffed with candy), with John Roderick, video
  5. Nemeses, with John Roderick, video, video 2, video 3
  6. Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company cover), with John Roderick, video, video 2


Video Playlist of the entire set, by ginamai

There was a short tease of the Indigo Girls 'Closer to Fine', inspired by a G chord.