Anaheim, CA: 2011-11-16

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Anaheim, CA


  1. Code Monkey
  2. Sticking It To Myself
  3. Big Bad World One
  4. Nemeses
  5. Good Morning Tucson
  6. Shop Vac
  7. Sucker Punch
  8. Still Alive
  9. I Feel Fantastic

This is a GREAT idea. Anaheim and North Orange County needs a place for quality pnfeormirg arts; drama, comedy and musical theatre. Not to mention a home for the local ballet and symphony organizations. Anaheim has a world wide reputation for theme parks, sports teams and major large events, why not the pnfeormirg arts? If towns, with smaller populations, like Cerritos, Redondo Beach and Thousand Oaks can support a Performing Arts Center why not Anaheim?