Atlanta, GA: 2011-09-02

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Atlanta, GA

  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Date: 2011-09-02
  • Venue: Variety Playhouse
  • Supporting act: Paul & Storm


  1. The Future Soon
  2. Shop Vac
  3. Sticking It To Myself
  4. Nemeses
  5. Mandelbrot Set
  6. Code Monkey
  7. Glasses
  8. Good Morning Tucson
  9. Big Bad World One (with Paul and Storm)
  10. Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm) video
  11. Always the Moon (with Paul and Storm and Molly Lewis) video
  12. Down Today
  13. Skullcrusher Mountain (solo)
  14. Mr. Fancy Pants (solo)
  15. Want You Gone (solo)
  16. Artificial Heart
  17. Sucker Punch
  18. Je Suis Rick Springfield
  19. Alone at Home
  20. Still Alive
  21. Re: Your Brains
  1. First of May (with Paul and Storm and Molly Lewis)
  2. I Feel Fantastic (with Paul and Storm and Molly Lewis)