Big Dick Farts a Polka

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Big Dick Farts a Polka
ReleaseMasters of Song Fu
Release date2008-07-02
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"Big Dick Farts a Polka" is Jonathan Coulton's entry to the Round 2 Challenge of the song writing competition Masters of Song Fu.


The Round 2 Masters Challenge read:

The following challenge applies to our Masters of Song Fu only. As Masters, it is expected that they have achieved a musical voice all their own - but does their mastery extend to assuming the voice of another artist? With that in mind, Each Master is tasked with writing a song in the style of their opponent. The Masters will be judged on how accurately they write a song in their opponent’s style without it becoming a simple parody. When listening to their entries, you must genuinely believe that they were written by the original Master. Got that? The Master’s songs must also be no shorter than 1m45s.


The MP3 is free to download from the Quick Stop Entertainment site.


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