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|albumname= Unreleased
'''Big Rock Candy Mountain''' is a cover of the American turn of the century "hobo ballad". 
== Live performance ==
"Big Rock Candy Mountain" has been performed on several promotional appearances of [[John Hodgman]]'s "Areas of My Expertise".  It is believed to have never been played at a Jonathan Coulton concert.
== Availability ==
Jonathan's performance of "Big Rock Candy Mountain" ("live for an hour, one take") while John Hodgman reads his "700 Hobo Names" can be found [http://ia300127.us.archive.org/2/items/700HoboNames/Hobo_Names.mp3 here].
== Themes ==
''This song has no themes yet. Add your themes below!''

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Play ionfmrative for me, Mr. internet writer.