Blue Sunny Day

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Blue Sunny Day
ReleaseThe Aftermath
Release date2009-03-16
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Blue Sunny Day is a song on Jonathan Coulton's collection of unreleased tracks, The Aftermath.


Blue Sunny Day started as a happy song, with a refrain about a "blue, sunny day". Jonathan realized that blue could have multiple meanings, referring to either a day with a blue sky and lots of sun, or a sad, but sunny day. He wondered why a sunny day would make somebody sad. He claims that the first thing he thought about was a vampire, but he thought that it would be too cliche for a Jonathan Coulton song. So he thought that the song might be about somebody who had been in a relationship, and that the sun reminded him about the relationship, or something of the sort. But then he decided it should be about vampires after all. Further diverging from a happy tune, the vampire of the song kills himself in the end by exposing himself to the sun.

That's not just the best awnser. It's the bestest answer!


Blue Sunny Day became available for purchase on March 15, 2009 for the standard price of one dollar.

The Aftermath
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