Brookline, MA: 2008-10-22

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Brookline, MA

  • Location: Brookline, MA
  • Date: October 22nd, 2008
  • Venue: Coolidge Corner Theatre / The Brookline Booksmith
  • Others performing: John Hodgman


John Hodgman Section
  1. Sweet Information (updated version)
  2. Battle of Galactica
JoCo Show
  1. Tom Cruise Crazy
  2. The Future Soon
  3. Brookline
  4. The Presidents (with harmonica)
  5. Tonight, You Belong To Me (with John Hodgman on ukulele and lead vocals)


  • This show was the second stop (after the New York stop the previous night) of John Hodgman's book tour for the first release of his book, "More Information Than You Require".
  • The show was held at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, an independent movie house where John Hodgman was employed in his youth; John stated that the show had to end in time for a 7:30 showing of Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
  • After the show, John and Jonathan signed books across the street at the Brookline Booksmith, the bookstore that sponsored the event.
  • According to staff at the Brookline Booksmith, this was the only author visit in anyone's memory to have sold out the venue, with many people unable to obtain standby tickets.
  • An audio recording of this show is scheduled to appear as a podcast released by the alternative weekly, The Boston Phoenix.