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Bry (real name unknown to me) is long term administrator for the JoCo forums, and with the exception of JoCo (who due to great success no longer has time to actively moderate the forums) is the sole moderator. He was promoted to the role of moderator on October 20th 2006 by JoCo as he offered to organise the JoCo tabs. His offer, scroll down for JoCo promoting him. He works diligently both in the forums and, more recently, on this wiki, seemingly with endless patience for the users of the forums. Always happy to help and explain something to someone, no matter what the question is and how many times it has been asked. He, as has been confirmed on numerous occasions, is male despite some people thinking otherwise. He's originally from Texas and now lives in Massachusetts.

He also is capable of producing a post that is extremely long when you get him talking about one of the many many subjects he knows about, this has lead to him being described as a polymath. It seems like there is nothing Bry does not have some knowledge about. He freely shares this knowledge and is valuable in any discussion that is going on in the forums.

Some say... all we know is he's called Bry (facts?)

  • Bry never sleeps due to having to constantly monitor the forums, God forbid someone forget to close a HTML tag.
  • He has a dry, firm handshake.

(your ?facts? here)