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StatusNet for JoCo Cruise Crazy 2

StatusNet is an Open Source project to create a Twitter like service. There is a fan initiative to investigate it's suitability for onboard communication.

Proof of Concept

There is a proof of concept server located at Access is by web, iPhone app, Android app, or desktop app.


A list of known issues with the current proof of concept server.

  • Error reported during account creation
    • Likely due to incorrect configuration of sendmail
    • Should just disable email validation
  • As of July 2010, native Twitter app doesn't work with StatusNet. Authentication in the app is hardcoded to official Twitter site.


  • Disable attachments
  • Disable location services
  • Disable OpenID
  • Install PHP bytecode accelerator
    • APC appears to be the defacto standard
  • Disable URL shorteners
    • Look into disabling URLs

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