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==[[:Category:The Aftermath|The Aftermath]]==
==[[:Category:The Aftermath|The Aftermath]]==
# [[Octopus]]
# [[Octopus]]
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# [[Camp Bachelor Alma Mater]]
# [[Camp Bachelor Alma Mater]]
==Other covers/songs not on jonathancoulton.com==
=Non-Album Tracks=
(if you can come up with a less unwieldy title for this section, go ahead)
<br />[[Do They Know it's Christmas]] (Band Aid cover)
<br />[[Still Alive]]
<br />[[One More Score]] (from awryone's downloads)
<br />[[One More Score]] (from awryone's downloads)
<br />[[The Saturday Boy]] (Billy Bragg cover)
<br />[[Still Alive]]
==Cover Versions==
<br />[[Sweet Caroline]] (Neil Diamond cover)
<br />[[Do They Know it's Christmas]] (Originally recorded by Band Aid)
<br />[[Sweet Caroline]] (Originally recorded by Neil Diamond)
<br />[[The Saturday Boy]] (Originally recorded by Billy Bragg)

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The Aftermath

  1. Octopus
  2. Re Vos Cerveaux
  3. My Beige Bear
  4. Lady Aberlin's Muumuu

Thing a Week

Thing a Week One

  1. See You All in Hell
  2. My Monkey
  3. W's Duty
  4. Shop Vac
  5. Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot cover)
  6. Someone Is Crazy
  7. Brand New Sucker
  8. Sibling Rivalry
  9. The Town Crotch
  10. When I'm 25 or 64
  11. Podsafe Christmas Song
  12. Furry Old Lobster
  13. Drive

Thing a Week Two

  1. Flickr
  2. Resolutions
  3. You Could Be Her
  4. I Will (Beatles cover)
  5. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
  6. So Far So Good
  7. Curl
  8. Chiron Beta Prime
  9. Take Care of Me
  10. A Talk with George
  11. Don't Talk to Strangers (Rick Springfield cover)
  12. Stroller Town
  13. Re Your Brains

Thing a Week Three

  1. Madelaine
  2. When You Go
  3. Code Monkey
  4. The Presidents
  5. Just as Long as Me
  6. Till the Money Comes
  7. Tom Cruise Crazy
  8. Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen cover)
  9. Soft Rocked By Me
  10. Not About You
  11. Rock and Roll Boy
  12. Drinking with You
  13. Pizza Day

Thing a Week Four

  1. SkyMall
  2. Seahorse
  3. Creepy Doll
  4. Under the Pines
  5. Big Bad World One
  6. Mr. Fancy Pants
  7. You Ruined Everything
  8. I'm Your Moon
  9. The Big Boom
  10. Make You Cry
  11. Pull the String
  12. Summer's Over
  13. We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
  14. We Are the Champions (Queen cover)

Songs from Ze Frank's "The Show"

(all songs are Ze Frank covers)

  1. Fun Winter
  2. Giant Baby
  3. Hindsight
  4. Sandwich
  5. Stay the Same
  6. Ugly
  7. Walnuts
  8. Work this Thing

Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms

  1. That Spells DNA
  2. I Feel Fantastic
  3. Womb with a View
  4. Todd the T1000
  5. Better

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

  1. The Future Soon
  2. Skullcrusher Mountain
  3. I Crush Everything
  4. Betty and Me
  5. Mandelbrot Set

Smoking Monkey

  1. I'm Having a Party
  2. Bozo's Lament
  3. Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  4. Ikea
  5. I Hate California
  6. Christmas Is Interesting
  7. Over There
  8. Millionaire Girlfriend
  9. First of May
  10. De-Evolving
  11. I'm a Mason Now
  12. Overhead

Other Experiments

  1. Screwed (demo)
  2. Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny's Child cover)
  3. A Laptop Like You (demo)
  4. Bacteria
  5. Brookline (demo)
  6. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance (demo)
  7. Beds Hurt My Booty
  8. I Crush Everything (demo)
  9. Skullcrusher Mountain (demo)
  10. The Future Soon (demo)
  11. Gambler's Prayer (demo)
  12. Mandelbrot Set (demo)
  13. Camp Bachelor Alma Mater

Non-Album Tracks

Still Alive
One More Score (from awryone's downloads)

Cover Versions

Do They Know it's Christmas (Originally recorded by Band Aid)
Sweet Caroline (Originally recorded by Neil Diamond)
The Saturday Boy (Originally recorded by Billy Bragg)