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== Live performance ==
== Live performance ==
"Famous Blue Raincoat" is rarely played at a Jonathan Coulton concert.  The only known performances were both in Madison, at the [[Madison, WI: 2007-12-07|12 July 2007]] and [[Madison, WI: 2009-02-26|26 Feb 2009]] shows.
"Famous Blue Raincoat" is rarely played at a Jonathan Coulton concert.
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Famous Blue Raincoat
ReleaseThing a Week Three
Release date05-26-2006
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"Famous Blue Raincoat" is a cover of the seminal Leonard Cohen song. It appears on Jonathan Coulton's sixth album, Thing a Week Three.


"Famous Blue Raincoat" was released as the thirty-fourth Thing a Week on May 26th, 2006.

Live performance

"Famous Blue Raincoat" is rarely played at a Jonathan Coulton concert.


  • It is unknown if the timing was intentional, but it is worth noting that "Famous Blue Raincoat" was released the week after Tom Cruise Crazy, because the song contains the lyric "Did you ever go clear?", a well known Scientology reference. A post by fan Jim Gramling reminds us that Leonard Cohen has indicated in interviews that he "dabbled" in the religion. It is also not known if Cohen ever indicated a connection between the lyric and Scientology.

Liner Notes

From the liner notes of Cohen's "The Best Of:" "I had a good raincoat then, a Burberry I got in London in 1959. Elizabeth thought I looked like a spider in it. That was probably when she wouldn't go to Greece with me. It hung more heroically when I took out the lining, and achieved glory when the frayed sleeves were repaired with a little leather. Things were clear. I knew how to dress in those days. It was stolen from Marianne's loft in New York sometime during the early seventies. I wasn't wearing it very much toward the end."



"Famous Blue Raincoat" is currently only available for purchase in the Jonathan Coulton MP3 Store as an individual track or as part of Thing a Week III. Of course, this song is also included as part of the "Everything" playlist.

Downloadable FLAC versions of the above are available in the Jonathan Coulton FLAC Store.


"Thing a Week III" is available for purchase as a CD here.


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