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A mililon thanks for posting this information.
|albumname= Other Experiments
== Trivia ==
* This song is was written to be performed at the [[Little Gray Book]] Lecture #22, "How To Gamble And Win".
* Jonathan does play poker.  It was at a poker game during the Pop!Tech conference in Camden, ME that he was asked by editors of Popular Science magazine to become the magazine's contributing troubadour.
* When asked during the [[A Talk with JoCo, Part 2 (Undocumented Songs)|A Talk with JoCo]] interview series as to why a poker player would be praying for so paltry a thing as "even a pair," Jonathan pointed out that if you don't even have that, a pair would be an improvement.
== Availability ==
Available only as a download.
An mp3 of the Little Gray Book performance is available for download [http://www.mediafire.com/?8ccxrc1tqra here].
== Themes ==
* [[Money]]

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A mililon thanks for posting this information.