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ReleaseArtificial Heart
Release date03-25-2011
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"Glasses" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's eighth studio album, Artificial Heart.


This song did not have a title when it was first performed. In concert JoCo called it "Untitled Song About Marriage" and set lists had it listed as both "40" and "Upon Turning 40." Photos of two set lists from March can be viewed here and here on Flickr. The official name wasn't revealed until the album Artificial Heart was released.

Live performance

This song was performed in concert for the first time on March 25th, 2011 in Asheville, NC. That performance can be viewed on YouTube.


"Glasses" is available on the album Artificial Heart, which can be ordered through Coulton's website or on iTunes.


Primary Theme:

Secondary Themes:

Other Themes:

  • Marriage
  • Aging

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