Good Morning Tucson

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Good Morning Tucson
ReleaseArtificial Heart
Release date10-29-2010
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"Good Morning Tucson" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's eighth studio album, Artificial Heart.


"Good Morning Tucson" was debuted as part of Coulton's set at W00tstock 2.7 in New York on 10/29/2010.

The album version was released online on 8/25/2011/.

On JoCo Cruise Crazy Concert 3 Jonathan says this song is, "About a morning show host who has a nervous breakdown."


"Good Morning Tucson" is available on the album Artificial Heart, which can be ordered through Coulton's website or on iTunes.

There was also a pre-production video released by John Flansburgh featuring a vocal clip from the song. [1]

Jonathan Coulton recorded a music video for this song's release while on a family vacation in Cape Cod. The video appeared briefly on his YouTube channel on August 25, 2011 before the official release on August 30.

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