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Creating a new page

Sometimes you'll be reading an article and you'll see a red link. Red links go to pages that have not been created. Click on the link and you can begin editing that page.

Alternatively, you may create a new page by entering the title of the page you would like to create into the search box on the left sidebar. If the page does not already exist, you should see the words:

There is no page titled "(your page name)". You can create this page.

Click on "create this page" and you can begin editing that page.

Don't worry if you accidentally click on a red link -- the new page is not created until you save your edit.


To add a page to a given category, edit that page to add a category tag, which is entered as follows:

[[Category:(name of category)]]

User pages

If you want people to know who you are, set up your user page! Your user page is your own, to do with as you please (within certain bounds -- the JoCopedia moderators reserve the right to, at their discretion, edit user pages to remove content that's offensive or illegal). It's the best place to put info about yourself, like your bio, your favorite JoCo songs, your contact information, or anything else you want people to be able to see about you. When you sign your name (which you can do by typing --~~~~), there's a link there to your user page.

(Note: Only registered users have user pages.)

Wikipedia moderators like to say that "Wikipedia is not a vanity site." On the other hand, JoCopedia is absolutely a vanity site -- just not your vanity. (Unless you're JoCo, in which case, stop reading this and go write more music plz!) Write all you want about yourself on your user page, but don't create an article about yourself in the main "namespace" -- it's bad form.

(If you are sufficiently well known in the JoCommunity that someone else has created your JoCopedia article, which usually means you've gotta be as famous and as influential as a Spiff or a Kerrin, etiquette holds, I believe, that you can comment on your article's discussion page to bring up inaccuracies and request fixes, but even then it's not well regarded to edit your own article. After all, look at the trouble Jimmy Wales has gotten into!)


If you would like to add a link to a video made for a particular song, go to that song's page (e.g. Code Monkey). At the top of the page, you should see a navigation bar reading, "Main | Lyrics | Tabs | Videos | Fan content". Click the "Videos" link to begin editing the videos page for that song, add your link, and save the page.


Pages that don't have enough content are called stubs. (You may create a stub, for example, because you think there should be a page on a given topic but you can't immediately write a full article on it.) Add "{{Stub}}" to a stub to make sure it gets categorized as a stub so that other editors can find it and add more information to it.

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