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== Themes ==
== Themes ==
Drugs (your themes here)
Drugs, drinking (your themes here)

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I Feel Fantastic
ReleaseOur Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms
Release dateSeptember 2005
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  • One of five songs Coulton wrote to accompany PopSci's Future of the Body issue.
  • PopSci held a contest for reader submited videos to this song. Coulton said of the winner Andrea Crain (AKA, Anniekate76), "I like AnnieKate's video because it's got this very simple visual look, but it's deep, man. I keep noticing new stuff every time I watch it, all these quick cuts to funny things. It's like an episode of Lost, but funny, and with stick figures."


Drugs, drinking (your themes here)

Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms
1. That Spells DNA · 2. I Feel Fantastic · 3. Womb with a View · 4. Todd the T1000 · 5. Better