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ReleaseSmoking Monkey
Release date11-05-2003
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  • The song was, obviously, inspired by the popular Swedish furniture store of the same name.
  • Of the three products noted, only Billy remains in the current lineup. Ingo was discontinued in 2008, Karl in 2005.
  • "And they sell things for apartments smaller than mine" infers to space-efficient products such as loft beds with desks underneath and sofas with hidden storage which allows one to maximize usability in small areas. A typical Ikea showroom would feature such items in mock apartments titled along the likes of My Home in 256 sq.ft.
  • "In the land where the furniture folds to a much smaller size" refers to the fact that nearly every piece of furniture sold at Ikea requires assembly. Indeed, even some Ikea sofas require assembly.
  • "But if you don’t have a home you can buy one there" refers to Ikea's BoKlok prefrabricated modular houses and apartments. One cannot actually purchase a home from an Ikea store, however.
  • "In New Jersey, they got a goddamned Swedish parade" is not an Ikea specific reference, although there are two stores in the state. More so, just as New York used to be New Amsterdam, parts of New Jersey was New Sweden, hence a lot of Swedish heritage to celebrate in the area.
  • "Ikea" is listed as a "funny song" on Jonathan Coulton's Listening Suggestions page.
  • Jonathan sung the song (among others) at the grand opening of the Brooklyn Ikea at Red Hook.


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