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Jonathan Coulton uses a variety of instruments while performing his songs live in concert.


Jonathan's primary instrument is the guitar. He plays guitar for most of his songs, sometimes accompanied by Paul and Storm on backup vocals.


Jonathan purchased a Zendrum MIDI controller in the last half of 2007. He frequently uses it to perform Mr. Fancy Pants in concert, inserting an improvised solo between the song's two verses in order to elongate what is a traditionally short song.

The Zendrum's power supply burnt out after being connected in Europe at the sound check for Glasgow, UK: 2008-10-25. Jonathan played the remainder of his UK tour shows using his iPhone as a replacement.


Jonathan has used a Tenori-On interface he purchased in Scotland in spring 2008 to perform My Monkey on occasion. The first performance with the Tenori-On was of Code Monkey in London, UK: 2008-03-20. video, video 2, video 3