Jawbone 115: Are We Awake

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The 115th episode of Jawbone, in which JoCo calls in to talk about Soft Rocked By Me.

Transcript of JoCo's call

Hello there. Jonathan Coulton, calling to tell you about the song Soft Rocked By Me. I have to tell you, this song, I don't know, I don't know what happened with this song. You know I-I thought that the phrase was kinda funny, the idea of, you know, being able to soft rock someone. But I didn't really know what the song was about, so I just started writing and channelling Dan Fogelberg and I was recording and writing at the same time and I was trying to make it as sappy, as sappy a recording as I could. As sappy an arrangement as I could. And the lyrics just got weirder and weirder and more gross. I don't even know who this character is. But he's like he's so messed up. He's crazy. And he's crying but he's like at the same time like he thinks he's in charge, in a soft rocking sensitive way. I don't know, the whole thing makes me very uncomfortable that it came out of my head. I don't know what that says about me. I guess, I guess that's the kind of guy I am. Oh well.
33:32 *Song starts*