Jawbone 123: Bees In A Basket of Fried Chicken

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The 123rd episode of Jawbone, in which JoCo calls in to talk about Creepy Doll.

Transcript of JoCo's call

27:52 *Into*
So there's this creepy doll, right? And it just keeps showing up everywhere. What else do you need? That, that is, already very frightening. The creepy doll doesn't even need to do anything, just you keep seeing it. Oh, it's the same doll. Hey, it's the same doll I saw before that's weird. So, you know, I was, sort of, thinking of all sorts of like 70's horror films that really freaked me out. There is the trilogy of terror with the puppet with the knife; it was really freaky. And, you know, now I can't think of any other ones. But, you know the sort of same consciousness. Oh, poltergeist and the like clown thing under the bed was completely terrifying. And of course, there is the Stephen King short story where there was some sort of monkey that played the cymbals, who kept showing up. Again, I don't know if the monkey did anything bad, but it kept showing up. But, you now, bad enough. So that's what this came from. And I was going to just make it straight ahead creepy, but I couldn't help myself somewhere in the middle, the doll, it becomes clear, that the doll is just sort of an arsehole and always in this guy's face. You know what's even worse than having a creepy doll? Having an annoying doll following you around. Believe me.
29:32 *Song starts*