Jawbone 129: The Busy Busy Hectic Week of Busy-ness

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The 129th episode of Jawbone, in which JoCo calls in to talk about You Ruined Everything.

Transcript of JoCo's call

28:41 *Into*
Len, Nora. Hey, Jonathan Coulton, how are you? I would like to talk to you about something, and that something is a song. A little song I wrote called "You Ruined Everything." I want to get serious for a moment here, you know, I am a parent. I became a parent a little over a year and a half ago. And I have a lot of friends who are becoming parents right now and, I think, you know, it's a complicated transformation. And I think that the conventional wisdom is that it is just immediately awesome, and you fall in love with this squirming worm-like infant right away, and everything is wonderful. You know that wasn't my experience, and I have a friend who recently had a child, and she expressed a sentiment that, right, she felt like, "Okay, I have got this baby home, and one of the things she felt immediately is, what have I done? My life was perfect, I had everything right where it should be, and now I've screwed it up by having this child." Of course, you know, she doesn't feel that way now. It is, it is a shock, and I remember feeling that way as well. So that's what this song is about; the bridge gets a little corny, but, you know, I think it works. When else are you going to get corny if not in regards to your children? That's all about corn.
30:17 *Song starts*