Jawbone 134: Halloween in the Nobby Annex

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The 134th episode of Jawbone, in which JoCo calls in to talk about The Big Boom.

Transcript of JoCo's call

27:08 *intro*
Hello Len, Nora. Jonathan Coulton here. I'm heating up some chili, and I thought I would call you to talk about my song, The Big Boom. As I mentioned when I posted this song; this actually came from an experience I had when I was staying at a friend's house in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, and I woke up at like 3 in the morning, and there was this really loud noise and my first thought. Literally, the first thing that came into my head was, probably, what had happened was two giant claws had come down from space and scooped out Philadelphia and thrown it away. That's obviously not what happened. It was just thunder; it was really long and loud thunder, though. But anyway, I- but I started with that image and, you know? If you figure that happens once, that's probably pretty bad news for the world. So this song is about the end of the world. It's an example of me trying to rock out, which never goes quite as well as I want it to. Anyway, there you are.
28:23 *Song starts*