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Cruise Ship Basics

Being on a cruise ship is often a new experience for first time Sea Monkeys. This section will address questions like "will I get seasick", "how much will it *really* cost", and "what the heck is a towel monkey and should I be scared of them?"

What to expect before the cruise

  • Get there the day before
  • Embarkation procedure
  • Call your credit card companies and inform them of your itinerary

What to expect on the ship

  • Food - where to find it, what is free, what costs extra
  • Dress Code for dining room

formal nights vs normal nights, formal is defined by cruise line, not JCCC staff.

  • How to pay for stuff (drink cards vs room key)
  • Will I get sea sick
  • Lifeboat drill

do not skip this!

  • Excursions

What to expect after the cruise

  • putting out luggage night before
  • give some wiggle room between cruise arrival and departing flight
  • hanging out with other sea monkeys in airport
  • land legs / dock rock / swaying is normal, do not be alarmed.


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