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John Flansburgh is one half of the musical duo They Might Be Giants, and the producer of Jonathan Coulton's 8th studio album, Artificial Heart. He also helped arrange "Want You Gone", the song Coulton wrote for the game Portal 2.

In March of 2010, while Coulton was opening a few shows on TMBG's North American tour, Flansburgh offered to produce an album for Coulton. Coulton has described the collaboration as "thrilling", and credited the project with making him stretch and grow creatively. Many of the new songs have a different sound than Coulton's prior work, which some attribute to Flansburgh's influence.

In addition to producing the album, Flansburgh had a few programming credits on Artificial Heart. After the release of the album, he directed a number of music videos for new arrangements of various songs from the album, including "Je Suis Rick Springfield" and "Sticking It To Myself".

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