List of fan skills

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Got a fan project in mind? Need some help? Got some skills? You've come to the right place. Please let us know how you can help expand the JoCoverse.

Person Skills Availability Time Zone Last Updated
Colleenky Musician (singing, transcribing), misc. grunt work Limited Pacific (USA) 15 July 2008
LilMarauder Media Editing/DVD Authoring Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
MitchO Art (Limited), Statistics, Windmill Tilting Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
Dr. Perry Cox Research (?) Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
Three08 writing, editing text, machinima actor in CoH, vocals limited eastern (usa) 15 July 2008
BenS Willing to give most things a go, no special talents Moderate to Good UK (GMT) 15 July 2008
Percephene Wiki stuffs, Facebook app, basic graphic design Varies: Currently Minimal NZ (GMT +12) 16 July 2008