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This is a list of real people who are mentioned by name in Jonathan Coulton songs, with references to the songs in which they appear and a little biographical information.

(Well, it's a stub right now.)

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance

Soterios Johnson - New York radio host.


Warren Beatty - Oscar-winning actor.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Kenesaw Mountain Landis - Federal judge, commissioner of Major League Baseball.
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson - Star baseball player implicated in the "Black Sox" scandal.
Joe Jackson - Famous pop star, asked the musical question "is she really going out with him?"

Mandelbrot Set

Benoît Mandelbrot - Mathematician, best known for his work in fractal geometry.

The Presidents

George Washington - 1st US President (1789-1797), and only president to have been elected unanimously.
John Adams - 2nd US President (1797-1801); as president, broke with own Federalist party to prevent war with France.
Thomas Jefferson - 3rd US President (1801-1809); among other accomplishments, purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.
James Madison - 4th US President (1809-1817); led US against Britain in War of 1812, which ended with no territorial gains on either side but inspired a strong feeling of American nationalism.
James Monroe - 5th US President (1817-1825); most notable achievement of his presidency was the Monroe Doctrine, which opposed European involvement with North and South America.
John Quincy Adams - 6th US President (1825-1829); son of John Adams (q.v.).
Andrew Jackson - 7th US President (1829-1837); signed Indian Removal Act, which led to the removal of Native Americans from their tribal lands.
Martin Van Buren - 8th US President (1837-1841); term in office largely overshadowed by economic crisis.
William Henry Harrison 9th US President (1841); first president to die in office, having served only 31 days.
John Tyler - 10th US President (1841-1845), succeeding to the office upon the death of William Henry Harrison; during his term in office, he annexed the Republic of Texas, which had secured its independence from Mexico some years earlier.
James K. Polk - 11th US President (1845-1849), elected on a platform of expansionism; during his presidency, the US fought the Mexican War and annexed the Oregon Territory.
Zachary Taylor - 12th US President (1849-1850), previously the victorious general in the Mexican War; died early in his term.
Millard Fillmore - 13th US President (1850-1853); sent Perry on an expedition to Japan.
Commodore Matthew Perry - American naval officer; sailed to Japan (1852-1854) to obtain (by force) the first US-Japanese trade treaty.
Franklin Pierce - 14th US President (1853-1857); supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed new states to determine the legality of slavery within those states.
James Buchanan - 15th US President (1857-1861); widely regarded as among the worst presidents, he did nothing to prevent or even slow the onset of the Civil War.
Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President (1861-1865); won the US Civil War before his assassination.

Tom Cruise Crazy

Tom Cruise - Actor and prominent scientologist.
Katie Holmes - Actress, Tom Cruise's third wife and mother of his third child.