London, UK: 2008-03-20

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London, England, UK

  • Setlist:

Set 1

  1. Over There - video 1 video 2
  2. The Future Soon - video
  3. Ikea - video
  4. Shop Vac video
  5. I'm Your Moon video
  6. Baby Got Back - video 1 video 2
  7. Still Alive video
  8. The Saturday Boy (Billy Bragg cover) - video 1 video 2
  9. Someone Is Crazy
  10. I Feel Fantastic


Set 2

  1. Tom Cruise Crazy
  2. Better
  3. Skullcrusher Mountain - video
  4. I Crush Everything
  5. Code Monkey (played with the electronic instrument Tenori-On) - video, video 2
  6. Creepy Doll
  7. Drinking With You
  8. Do They Know It's Christmas aka Feed the World (Band Aid cover)
  9. Chiron Beta Prime (with assistance from AskWho)
  10. Millionaire Girlfriend
  11. Mandelbrot Set
  12. You Ruined Everything
  13. Re Your Brains
  14. Encore: First of May

Jonathan Coulton altered some of his songs slightly as a nod to the non-American audience; the last chorus of Tom Cruise Crazy became Posh Spice Crazy ("Just replace 'Tom Cruise' with 'Posh Spice. Nothing can go wrong."), and he also tried to sing Mandelbrot Set using the British pronunciation of Z. The addition of Do They Know It's Christmas appeared to have been largely impromptu.


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