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Welcome to JoCopedia!
24,419 pages of JoCoey goodness!

What is a JoCopedia? It's an entire Wiki dedicated to the wild, wonderful universe of Jonathan Coulton: the man, the music, the monkey butler Brian Dennehy and the assistant Scarface. Jonathan Coulton (JoCo to his fans, "Puddin" to some of his female ones) is an Internet phenomenon, a musician who has released his masterful creations via the Creative Commons license, allowing for an unparalleled connection with his audience. Come on in and enjoy reading all the information we have to offer on the man who writes songs about creatures great and small: Monkeys, Giant Squid, Robot Overlords and Tom Cruise!

Looking to help out? Great! We highly recommend that our editors register, although anonymous editing is still allowed at this stage. Check out our to do list for some suggestions on stuff that JoCopedia is looking to work on, our WikiProjects for some bigger picture stuff or the Help page if you're relatively new to Wikis and want to get started.

Jonathan Coulton Collaborators and Fans JoCopedia

April 10 in JoCo

There is no information for today. Add some!

See the full list of This Day in JoCo here!

Song of the Day!

There is no song of the day for today. Add one!.

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Song Page Flashmob

Once a week we attempt to flesh out three song pages. This week's pages are: Furry Old Lobster, I Will, and Sweet Information (the Hodgman theme -- see here).

The "deadline" is 11:59pm EDT (wiki time), Friday, June 6th. GO GO GO!

Wiki News

More news to follow; meanwhile, feel free to play around in the Sandbox if you like!

All songs and lyrics copyright Jonathan Coulton, except where noted. Thankfully released under Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. Thanks JoCo!

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